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Please note that the evaluation version ("TRIAL") has some limitations compared to the full version of WirelessIRC.
Limitations of the TRIAL of WirelessIRC:
  • Demo banner (  ) floating on top of channel windows
  • DCC feature restricted to send and receive 5 files per session
  • You can test WirelessIRC for 14 days
    You can download the evaluation version ("TRIAL") from Handango:
    You can also download the evaluation version ("TRIAL") from below:
    Version: 1.80 Date: 24.11.2003
    WirelessIRC-1.80.241103-eval.sis 105 kb
    Version: 1.60 Date: 04.04.2003
    WirelessIRC-1.60.040403-eval.sis 104 kb
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    Remote P800
    Remote S60
    PC FtpBridge