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PC FtpBridge - Access all files on your phone via FTPPC FtpBridge - Access all files on your phone via FTP
With PC FtpBridge you can access all drives and manage all files of your Sony Ericsson P800, Nokia 3650 or Nokia 7650 via FTP.
PC FtpBridge is basically an FTP server bridging your phone to the Windows Explorer, the ftp command-line utility or any other FTP client.
You can easily access and manage your files on your phone with the Internet Explorer. Simply point it to the address ftp://localhost and off you go.
PC FtpBridge implements all commonly used FTP commands, so you can create, copy and delete files or folders on your phone.
With a sophisticated FTP client like the Windows Explorer, you can also copy complete folders between your PC and your phone. Of course you can use any FTP client you like. PC FtpBridge even allows network access to the built-in FTP server. You could access your phone's files from a remote machine running any OS like Linux, MacOS, etc. via PC FtpBridge running on a Windows compatible computer.
Features of PC FtpBridge:
  • Bridges all drives and files of your phone via FTP
  • Access files with Windows Explorer, ftp-command or any other FTP client
  • Retrieves information about all installed applications
  • Read-only mode prevents you from accidentally deleting files
  • 'System'-folder protection keeps you away from crucial files
  • Supports all necessary FTP commands
  • Remote network access - manage your phone's files from a remote machine
  • Restart mRouter to revive a connection between your PC and phone
  • Simple access control (username/password) for protecting your phone's files
    System requirements for PC FtpBridge:
  • Sony Ericsson P800, Nokia 3650/7650 or compatible Series 60 device
  • PC Suite for Sony Ericsson P800 or Nokia 3650/7650
  • Windows PC compatible with PC Suite for P800 or 3650/7650
  • USB-cable, Bluetooth- or Infrared-adapter compatible with the PC Suite
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